Conference Title The European Union: Change, Transformation and Challenges
Date 09/02/2019
Organizers Alexander College, Promitheas Research Institute, Alexander Research Centre
Venue Alexander College Larnaca, 2 Artas Str. Aradippou
Deadlines for Abstracts 20/11/2018
Language Greek and English
Eligibility Open to academics, researchers, students, professionals, public
Final Programme of the Conference 15/12/2018
Under the aegis Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nikos Christodoulides

Call for Papers

The European integration project and the institutional foundation of the EU have been in a transition stage for some years now. One of the most severe economic crises in the history of capitalism has shaken the entire social, institutional and economic edifice of the European Union causing a series of changes (e.g., Brexit) and transformations, while creating a series of new challenges for institutional, social, economic and political actors. The academic community faces similar challenges in its attempt to capture and interpret these changes and their causes and, at the same time, to place them in their historical context.

This one-day conference aims: (a) to identify critical and alternative perspectives, approaches and practices on the process of European integration and of the institutional foundation of the EU; (b) to examine how the new phase European integration is currently going through influences and shapes a new context of socio-political, legal and economic relations within and between states, organizations, movements, with particular emphasis  on the Southern European and Mediterranean region but not limited to these.

Legal and Institutional Changes

The function of the European Court of Human Rights in an increasingly diverse world: a cultural studies approach
Dr Maria Ioannou, Lecturer Alexander College/ Cyprus University of Technology

‘Twin Peaks’: Is UK’s System of Financial Regulation a Model for Cyprus?
Dr Katerina Georgiadou, Lecturer, Course Leader LLM UWE,Bristl/Alexander College

Destruction of EU collective bargaining and labour law
Panayiotis Elia, Researcher, Alexander Research Centre, Alexander College

Politics, Ecology, Media

Neoliberalism, technocracy and the struggle for environmental justice within the EU
Dr Nikos Karfakis, Faculty of Business, Director of the MBA, Alexander College

Crisis and Representative Democracy in the European Union
Dr Panayiota Arnou, Researcher, Promitheas Research Institute

Connecting in a disconnected world: The role of Hacker spaces and maker culture in contemporary techno-politics
Dr Leandros Savvides, Cultural Studies in Technology

News about Europe in Cypriot Online Media. Limited Exploitation of the Potential of Online Reporting In a Context of Crisis
Dr Demetris Trimithiotis, Special Scientist, University of Cyprus

Social, Economic and Development Issues

Uneven Development and the Eurozone Crisis: What Role for a European Industrial Strategy?
Panagiotis Pantelides, Economist, member of the Research Institute Promitheas Scientific Council

Widening Core-Periphery disparities in the new European Monetary Union:Forms of institutional exploitation in Southern European States
Costas Christodoulides, Director Alexander Research Center, Alexander College, PhD (Cand)

Socioeconomic Inequalities in EU member states
Eftychia Pitsilou, Lecturer, Alexander College

Change in the Health Sector of Greece and Cyprus in light of the global capitalist crisis
Antonis Mappourides, Researcher, Health Industry Professional

Conference Topics (indicative)

  • Inequality and social crisis
  • Precarious work and labor rights
  • The right to housing and the process of gentrification
  • The rise of new social movements, new collectivities and the relation between old and new
  • Political parties and social movements in a new context
  • The EU and geopolitics
  • Militarization and security issues in the EU
  • The EMU, monetary policies and their impact on state/social policies
  • The welfare state transformation and the abolishment of forms of social ownership (i.e. cooperatives)
  • Technocracy as a form of ideology
  • Migration/Refugee crisis in the EU and the Mediterranean region
  • Alternative visions for social, political and ecological transformation
  • Commons and the struggle for common space


There are no participation fees and the conference will be open to all. We will provide all participants with options for the lowest possible rates in nearby hotels and other places. Internal transportation will be free of charge.


Organising Committee

Dr. Nikos Karfakis, Alexander College

Dr Yiannos Katsourides, Prometheas Research Institute (Director) and University of Cyprus

Dr Panayiota Arnou (Promitheas Research Institute Associate)

Costas Christodoulides Alexander Alexander Research Centre, Director

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